Reunited with Mom

London, England to Calgary, Alberta – 85,800 Aeroplan points and $305.96

Jasmine had been living in London England for University and didn’t have the money to fly back and see her mother, who was diagnosed with throat cancer in July 2022.

Moved by Jasmine’s story, Give A Mile acted quickly. Recognizing the significance of this reunion, they generously gifted Jasmine a flight that would bring her closer to her mother.

In a heartfelt letter to Give A Mile, Jasmine poured her emotions onto paper: “My mother is my world, my everything. I am her sole child, and the thought of her enduring this challenging journey without my presence by her side is unbearable. It would mean the world to me to be able to fly back home, to be a source of comfort and support for her. It would also provide us the opportunity to prepare for any future events of this nature, ensuring her peace and security.”

Touched by Jasmine’s plea, Give A Mile quickly responded, driven by their mission to alleviate the burden of separation and provide solace in times of hardship. They recognized the importance of reuniting Jasmine with her mother.


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