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Request a Compassionate
Flight with Give A Mile

At Give A Mile, we provide flights for families to visit loved ones that are reaching the end of life. We accept flight requests from families of patients as well as palliative care providers on behalf of their patients. 

While Give A Mile cannot guarantee that your flight request will be fulfilled, our dedicated volunteers review each flight request with great care, compassion and detail. Once we receive your request, we will aim to get in touch within 24 hours to let you know if we are able to move forward. Please note flights must originate in Canada or the US, or be incoming to Canada or US.

Your privacy is our priority; we respect you and your story. We love sharing stories, photos, and videos from visits, but will only ever do so with your consent.

Please note: Give A Mile does NOT provide flights of compassion for funerals or memorials.

Please visit our FAQ page for answers to common questions about the flight donation process.

For families in need of a compassionate flight, visit our Flights for Families page.

For care providers requesting a compassionate flight on your patient’s behalf.