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Giving loved ones the gift of one final goodbye is why we do what we do at Give A Mile. Time is precious and priceless; we are dedicated to providing families with the means to cherish one last smile, hug, and farewell when it matters most. 

Our Flight Heroes take up the challenge, running dedicated fundraising campaigns in their communities and corporate offices to raise a target number of points. They challenge their friends, family and colleagues to help support them in this worthy cause.

The impact of your donations is illustrated by loved ones in their flight stories below. 

Sandra Nicolaisen – 100,000 Points

Sandra has set a goal of raising 100,000 points to help support the costs associated with a providing a flight of compassion.

Sandra’s mom wanted to give back to her family, friends- Positivity, Inspiration and Gratitude.
I want to pay it forward in raising points or money giving the gift of time w/a loved one. 

Japman Bajaj – 25,000 points

Japman has set a goal of raising 25,000 points to help support the cost associated with a providing a flight of compassion.

Bond Brand Loyalty - 25,000 points

Give A Mile is a registered non-profit that grants flights to connect terminally or critically ill people with their loved ones who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford to be together. Thanks for supporting this campaign to help fund moments and memories that will live on.

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