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Flight Hero

  1. Take on the challenge of 25 days to raise 25,000 miles
      a) Receive Give A Mile Flight Hero welcome package
  2. Connect with your flight hero team 
    a) Reach out to friends explaining program
    b) Share GAM info
  3. Run an event or contest
    a) Examples and success stories
  4. Campaign updates to all donors and prospective donors 
    a) Email, social media
  5. Celebrate success! 
    a) Email, social media

How great does it feel to know you helped make an amazing flight of compassion happen? That is what the flight hero program is about: 25 friends in 25 days, 25,000 miles making a flight happen for a family in need. Create a challenge at work, make it a family gift or turn a birthday party into a Flight Hero opportunity. If friends don’t have miles to give, $40 will purchase approximately 1,000 miles so that will work too! Give A Mile will provide support with a Champion who will have weekly meetings to assist your Flight Hero challenge. We will also share the specific details of the flight you made happen so you all know the impact you have had. For more info, fill out the form below to get in contact with the Give A Mile Flight Hero Champion: