Reuniting with father

Calgary, Alberta to Moncton, New Brunswick – 35,000 Aeroplan Points and $92.97

Debbie is facing multiple health challenges as is her father.  His condition fluctuates, with good days and bad days, and it’s uncertain how much time he has left in his life. It has been over a decade since Debbie last saw him, and she is eager to make the journey back home to see him before it becomes too late.

Debbie and her father share a special bond, as she has always been his “little girl.” Throughout her life, he has been a pillar of support, even helping her financially to attend her mother’s funeral when she couldn’t afford to go. However, due to his own health issues, he couldn’t be physically present for her during her surgery and stroke.

After meeting the criteria and because of our generous donors, Give A Mile was able to grant Debbie a flight of compassion so she could spend time with her father.



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