Friends Reunited for Final Goodbye

Toronto, ON to Edmonton, AB – 46,100 Aeroplan Points & $92.40

When we develop a strong bond with a friend and their family, they become like a second family to us. For Kaysha, she and her friend Shandi developed an unbreakable bond and saw each other as family. When Kaysha heard word her friend’s cancer was spreading and didn’t have much longer to live, she knew she needed to be by her side. Unable to afford a flight ticket, the hospital recommended she apply to Give A Mile.

Kaysha wrote: “Shandi and her family became my second family. I was with them every day for 10 years when I lived in Alberta. We had all family functions together…Shandi and I walked our dogs together daily, had birthdays together, she even watched my 2 children grow up and they adored having auntie Shandi babysit. This family means so much to me and I would love to see Shandi and hold her hand just one last time.”

After meeting the criteria, Give A Mile was able to grant a flight of compassion to reunite these friends.Kaysha wrote back: “Thank you all so much, this means so much to me. This is such an amazing charity and I’m very thankful for your organization. what you guys are doing is truly amazing and words cannot express how I feel.”

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