Granddaughter’s Wish to See Grandmother Fulfilled

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There are times in our lives where our grandparents become like parent figures to us. For Sarah, her grandmother became like another parent figure to her. When Sarah found out her grandmother had fallen ill and put on end of life care, she knew she needed to be by her side. Unfortunately due to financial reasons, the cost of a flight ticket was out of reach for her and her youngest daughter. Her family told her to apply to Give A Mile.

Sarah wrote: “My grandma has been so invested in me her whole life. When my mom(her daughter) died of cancer in 2017 she took me in and cared for me so I could finish high school. I just want to be there to talk to her one more time before she dies and allow her to hold my kids hands.”

After meeting the criteria, Give A Mile was able to grant Sarah and her youngest daughter flights of compassion to allow them to see her grandmother one final time.

Sarah wrote back with the picture: “I appreciate it so much. I would not have been able to see her otherwise. This was last Fourth of July. She came out in her wheelchair to see the fireworks with us. Her grandkids are her world.
Thank you!!!!”

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