Grandma and Granddaughter Reunited

Portland, OR to Baltimore, MD – 47,500 United MileagePlus Miles & $ Grandmothers are always like a second mother to us, a bond that is special and unbreakable. For Emma, her grandmother meant the world to her and they held many memories together. When Emma found out her grandmother had fallen ill and was put on end of life care, Emma’s heart broke as she is across the country many miles away. Not wanting to miss saying goodbye and unable to afford a flight, Emma applied to Give A Mile. She wrote: “My grandma is a very special (and spunky!) lady. Some of my earliest memories with my grandma are driving around in her little red car (which fit her personality well), watching The Price is Right, and going on adventures to a local pond to watch the ducks for hours and hours while she was babysitting me. She was faithfully there to support me at every sports game, every school concert, and every “bring your grandparent to school day” where she was sure to remind every teacher that she was proud to be my grandmother…She has been there for me at every step of my life and I want to be there for her at this last step of her life.” After meeting the criteria, Give A Mile was able to grant Emma’s wish and gifted her a flight of compassion to bring these two back together. Emma wrote back: “Thank you so much! I am so grateful for this opportunity to see my grandmother.”

Every donation helps people reach their loved ones for one last hug, smile, and farewell.

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