Man’s Dying Wish Fulfilled

Honduras to Washington, DC to Honduras – 138,660 Scene+ Points

When it comes to the time when we know our time is coming, there are certain people we want to be surrounded by. For Marvin, he knew his time was coming and had exhausted his resources in the states and knew it was time to go home to Honduras to be reunited with his son and daughter. Unable to travel on his own, his social worker suggested that both Marvin and Junior apply to Give A Mile with their help.

The social worker wrote: “Mr. Ramirez longs to be with his daughter at the end of his life. He and his brother have lived in the US together for quite sometime, but being separated from his family has been difficult. He hopes to reunite with them one last time. His brother shared that he believes returning will allow his brother to finally have peace and calm.”

After meeting the criteria, Give A Mile was able to grant flights of compassion to fulfill Marvin’s final wish. We were able to fly Junior to Washington and fly them both home to Honduras.

Junior wrote: “We thank you very much for this opportunity and support… We appreciate and thank God and you for the opportunity to bring my father to live out his last days in your home and with his family”.

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