Going home to beloved Kenya to be with family

Atlanta, GA to Nairobi – 98,090 Scene + points Home is where the Heart is…Jescah had been fighting a relentless battle against cancer since 2020, enduring countless treatments and struggling with the physical and emotional toll it had taken on her.  Jescah’s friend Maria reached out to Give A Mile on her behalf. She longed for the comforting presence of her beloved family back in Kenya and knew their care and support would make all the difference in her difficult journey. Upon learning of her situation, Give A Mile embarked on a mission to reunite Jescah with her family, realizing the immense impact it would have on her well-being. Through their efforts and the generosity of kind-hearted donors, Give A Mile made Jescah’s dream a reality. They granted her a flight of compassion that would take her from Atlanta, Georgia, all the way to Nairobi, Kenya, her beloved homeland. The flight of compassion granted by Give A Mile had not only reunited Jescah with her family but had also reignited her spirit.

Every donation helps people reach their loved ones for one last hug, smile, and farewell.

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