Final goodbye to beloved son

Little Rock, AK to Sacramento, CA – $924.20 USD “The bond between a mother and son lasts a lifetime,” a sentiment whose truth resonated deeply within Troy’s heart. Troy understood the profound truth that the bond between a mother and son lasts a lifetime. She had brought Otis into the world, nurturing him with unconditional love and support. Now, in his final moments, her desire to be present, to hold his hand and ease his suffering, consumed her every thought. With immense gratitude, Troy reached out to Give A Mile, seeking assistance in reuniting with her beloved son. In a heartfelt letter, Troy wrote: “I have been by Otis’s side throughout his life, and it breaks my heart to think that I might not be there for him as he takes his final breath. I want nothing more than to be with him, to comfort him and provide him with the love he deserves in his last moments.”  After meeting the criteria, Give A Mile was able to grant Troy a flight of compassion so she could comfort her son in time of need. Overwhelmed with gratitude, Troy wrote back to Give A Mile: “I am beyond grateful for your generosity and kindness. Words cannot express the depths of my appreciation. To be reunited with my precious son in his final moments is a gift beyond measure. You and your team are true angels.”

Every donation helps people reach their loved ones for one last hug, smile, and farewell.

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