Daughter’s Wish to see Mother One Last Time Granted

Frenso, CA to Boise, ID – 64,600 United Miles & $22.40 USD

As we grow older, our relationships change with our mothers where they become our best friend. Cassandra and her mother have a very close relationship. When Cassandra’s father told her that her mother’s health had taken a turn for the worst and to get there as soon as possible, Cassandra didn’t know what to do. A single mom, she doesn’t have the funds to afford a plane ticket.

When her mom’s hospice nurse told them about Give a Mile, Cassandra put in an application.

Cassandra wrote: “My life line my mother is the greatiest example and role model I need her still but god needs her more and I’m not going to ever be able to talk to her see her hug her ever again once she has passed I will never have my mom ever again and it’s killing me that I’m not there with her I’m her only daughter and her last born I’m the only one that hasn’t been able to go see her and I just want to feel her warmth one last time”

After meeting the criteria, Give a Mile was able to provide flights of compassion for Cassandra and two of her childrens so they could be with her one last time.

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