Family’s Wish to Say Goodbye Granted

Laredo, TX to Lexington, KY – 135,000 United Miles & $11.20 USD

When this flight story came to Give a Mile, originally it was for Genaro to fly back home to his home country to see his mom and family one last time and pass away there. Unfortunately, he became unable to fly and his brother Odilon and mother Flora both applied to Give a Mile so they could see Genaro one final time.

Odilon wrote: “He’s my brother. The memories I have are when we used to go to the fields to work with our father. Genaro is older than me, and when he reached maturity, we developed a deep bond of friendship. He gave me advice and was very supportive. That is why it is difficult to express what I feel, knowing the state he is in and not being able to see him in person, not being able to do something to help him.”

Flora wrote: “There are no words to say what Genaro means to me. He is my son, I watched him grow up, I watched him leave and he could never come back. It would be a dream to be able to see him for the last time in person and not on the phone, to be able to hear him, feel him, it would be everything for me.”

After meeting the criteria, Give a Mile granted both Odilon and Flora with flights of compassion for them to say goodbye to Genaro.

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