Daughter and Parents Reunited One Last Time

Toronto, ON to Sydney, AUS – 295,136 Scene+ 

When we start to reconcile with loved ones, we always hope we have more time with them. Unfortunately for Clarissa, her time with her dad has been cut short. Living at opposite ends of the world from one another, Clarissa and her parents reconciled their relationship at Christmas. 

Unfortunately, her father’s health was deteriorating and she wanted to see her parents one last time. Unable to afford a flight of her own, a fellow church choir member recommended Clarissa apply to Give A Mile.

Clarissa wrote: “It would be a blessing to see and spend time with my parents again especially at this last stage of their lives..

After meeting the criteria, Clarissa was approved for a flight of compassion.

She wrote back: “There are no words to express how grateful I am to you and your organization to allow me to be able to be with my dad in the last stage of his life. This is truly a miracle gift.”  

After her visit Clarissa shared these words:  “I will forever treasure the last days I spent with them especially with my dad.   I will remember the warm hug and reassuring words that my dad said to me, “Go home and be happy, I will be ok”  Thank you again Give A Mile”

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