Give A Mile Growth in 2018: Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

While we openly celebrate milestones and give thanks to our supporters through the year, at Give A Mile (GAM) we take a moment to look back at the end of the year and marvel at the accomplishments.

Flights: That’s what we are about! Pooling unused travel and other loyalty points, turning them into flights of compassion for people that are in palliative or other critically ill care to allow them to spend time with family and friends when it means the most. In 2018 we flew 113 people to fantastic places and loving experiences, adding to our total of 536 flights awarded in five years since GAM’s inception.

Sponsors: None of this could be done without the generosity of local and larger corporate sponsors. Give a Mile is based in Calgary, AB and our local events are often hosted at the Pig & Duke locations, allowing us to gather. Other important national rewards sponsors which are closely aligned to our mandate are: Aeroplan, Points University, Points, and Rewards Canada. Please support these groups as they clearly “pay it forward”!

Campaigns: Annually Give a Mile runs focussed drives to maximize our messaging and points/dollar donations. In 2018 we ran Mother’s Day and Father’s Day campaign sharing many stories of how GAM flight created family memories. We recently completed our annual Holiday of Hope where donors raised miles and money for 55 national and international flights, exceeding our target of 50 trips! Since nearly one-quarter of our flights are worldwide (we’re up to 120), we would like to share the story of Venis, a woman with a grim diagnosis, who flew from Toronto to Philippines for what was likely a final visit to extended family in December 2018. See her beautiful diary in photos of that trip HERE.

Family is the best GIFT I ever have in the entirety of my existence.

Venis (Dec 2018)

Flight Heroes: We love our Give A Mile Flight Heroes – individuals, teams, and Corporate. Heroes commit to raising a target amount of points or dollars and use all kinds of creative ways to do it. You are assigned a GAM Champion who provides support tools and encouragement. Donating to a specific story is done easily and online by any Hero. The 2018 Holiday campaign had 44 Heroes who helped make the 55 campaign flights possible.

GAM Organization: Perhaps the largest organizational achievement for Give A Mile in 2018 was the long sought-after Canadian Charitable status which allows us to issue receipts for dollar donations. As a 100% volunteer organization we are dependent on gifts to cover flight taxes and fees. Our Leadership team spans Country with members from Vancouver to Halifax – always telling the Give A Mile story. We have expanded and simplified donation options and continue to build corporate partnerships.

Thanks again to all of our donors in 2018. With your support we look forward to more Give A Mile growth in 2019.