Mother’s Day 2019: Vinia’s Magic of Family Love

In many parts of the world Mother’s Day celebrates having mothers, being mothers, and the influence of mothers on our families and society.

Many of our Give A Mile blogs demonstrate the strength of maternal and family bonds, whether the flight of compassion recipient is the central mother figure or is longing to be with mother for a final good-bye.

Vinia is a mother, a daughter and a recent Give A Mile flight recipient. She was first diagnosed with renal cell carcinoma with metastases to her lower spine in Fall of 2017. Vinia was given 9-10 months to live but because her of husband and 4 children “who need me” she has worked through clinical trials that have extended her life. Recently Vinia learned that her father had taken ill in the Philippines and she longed to travel to see her extended family there but the family finances could not support the trip. She applied to Give A Mile for a flight of compassion and earlier in 2019 traveled from Edmonton to visit her family there, giving her strength to continue for her own children.

No sign of sickness during my stay in the Philippines. That’s the magic of Family love. A million thanks to [Give A Mile]. You made this possible. – Vinia

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