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2018 Christmas Campaign

Help us make 50 flights of Christmas Kindness happen this holiday season



Here is a story of a flight recipient Give A Mile was able to help because of people like you:



“Phillip was on a flight with his wife from their home of Ft. Saint John to Vancouver where they were being set up for the last weeks of her pregnancy and planned to deliver in Vancouver. His wife was pregnant with twins and while on the flight she experienced a cardiac arrest and the plane was re-routed to Prince George. Once there she underwent a C-section as babies were in distress. Unfortunately one baby was stillborn and the other is now in the NICU in Vancouver in critical condition. His wife’s cardiac event was very significant and she is also in critical condition and is in hospital in Prince George, currently on life support. Phillip is trying to balance the care of both family members in 2 separate locations and would benefit greatly from a return flight from Vancouver to Prince George.”




Learn more about the families in need and how you can help