Son’s Final Hug with Dad – 2022 Holiday Campaign Flight Story

Victoria, BC to North Bay, ON – 148,044 Scene+ 

“A son’s first hero is his dad”, unknown. Growing up, Ryan has been close to his father and the relationship grew closer over the years. When he received word his father’s health had entered the end of life journey due to cancer, Ryan’s dad told him he wanted him by his side when he passes.

“My dad taught me everything I know, he showed me how to use tools and build stuff and his dedication to his family is a shared value I now show my own children.”

Ryan’s dad’s hospice coordinator reached out to Give a Mile to see if we could help reunite the two.

“Last night during a facetime call Ryan’s father told him he needs to hug him one last time before he goes and needs him here at his bedside. This flight would be granting a dying man’s final wishes.”

Give a Mile was able to gift a flight of compassion for Ryan and his dad to hug one last time.

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