One Last Message of Hope Before Goodbye – GAM Holiday Campaign 2022 Flight Story

Tampa, FL to Pittsburg, PA – 162,00 Delta Sky Miles and $44.80

Life is short, but you never know how short it is until you get that one call no one wants to receive. For Robert, he received that call, a call saying his brother-in-law was nearing the end of life after brain bleeding. Not being able to visit annually due to their own son having Leukemia, they did not want to lose a chance of being able to say goodbye. Unfortunately, they did not have the finances to make the trip possible and Robert reached out to Give a Mile to see if we could help.

“My boys very first flight at 6 months was to Ohio to visit my sister and brother in law on their farm. My boys fell in love with their uncle and we began a yearly trip to see them. This year, Doane was to teach the boys how to fish, but our son’s leukemia diagnosis and treatment caused this not to happen. For the boys to see Doane before he loses his cognition would allow Doane to give our son hope on his own journey and Doane could see our son before he passes.”

Give a Mile was able to grant this family flights of compassion thanks to our sponsor Points for providing these flights.

“Thank you so much for your assistance with this and it means the world.”

Can you help us reunite a family like Robert this holiday season? Have unused miles not sure what to do with them? Consider donating them and help us fulfill our goal of 50 flight this holiday season.

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