Rashwan and Quiros

Our youngest child, Emilia, is here in Erie with me (Maggie) now. She has had major medical complications and I’ve had to resign from my full-time job as physical therapist to care for her needs, so my husband is the sole provider for the family.  

Hospice Nurse Julie is a long-time friend of mine from high school and knew my mom was terminal cancer, and now in hospice care. She referred us.  

My mom, Marsha. Mother-in-law to Marciel. Nana to Layla, Luna, and Ethan, and Emilia. 

Marsha was diagnosed in February with small cell lung cancer. She was working up until 4 weeks ago and declined quickly. I had a planned visit with Emilia, but the day I got here, she received the news the cancer has metastasized to liver, kidneys, spine, pelvis, everywhere. She signed into hospice care Thursday 11/11/21 and is expected to be alive for a few more days/week at most.  

I have been out of work since having Emilia in Sept 2020. She spent 75 days in the NICU, then went into liver failure and went back in the PICU at Jackson Memorial in Miami. She is still a potential liver transplant in the future, and I am her full-time caregiver. Marciel, my hsuband, is essentially the sole provider for our four kids now (Ethan, Layla, and Luna are from previous marriage), and funds aren’t exactly plentiful for a last minute, unexpected trip across the country.  

My mom is the BEST mom to her four adult children and beloved Nana to her 11 grandchildren, and a loving wife to my dad. She is the matriarch of our family and the center of it all. She would be ecstatic to be able to see all her grandkids one last time (the rest of them live here in Erie) and have a chance to hear how much she is loved by all of us. 



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