I am asking assistance because I just don’t have the money I’m recently separated from my husband since and only have one income which most of it is used to pay my rent my Mom is on a fixed income and her only credit card is maxed out at $400 credit limit so unfortunately she cannot help me purchase tickets I just want to spend a Christmas making happy memories with my grandparents before their health gets worse it would be the BEST CHRISTMAS IN YEARS since I haven’t seen them since September 2016 I’d love to get to go home to see my Papaw and Granny.

One best memory is when I finally came out to my Papaw in May 2010 my Papaw is a country boy from way down south in Logan West Virginia when I told him I was gay he could not believe it(I came out to my Mom at 10)my Papaw thought it was a phase I just hadn’t found the right girl I disagreed tried to explain it’s not a choice it’s who I am but Papaw really didn’t want to hear me so my Mom had my back and told him that if he didn’t accept me as I am we would not be coming around anymore Papaw said I accept him I love him I just don’t understand it I don’t want to talk about it at all so fast forward September 16 2016 I got married at the courthouse in Annapolis Maryland my Papaw attended I thought that was fantastic but it was obvious Papaw was uncomfortable but I was happy he was there but on October 18 2016 me & my hubby moved to San Francisco Papaw always would ask my Mom about how we were doing and comment that I am gay because my Dad never paid attention to me she tried to explain again it’s not a choice God made me that way I know this was very hard on my Papaw and he loves me so as the years have gone on and I have had several conversations with my Papaw and my Mom has talked to him then out of the blue he shocked me one day he seen on the news about a gay bashing he got upset and said he didn’t understand why people hurt people for loving who they love I couldn’t believe my Mom when she told me about it and he said no one better ever hurt his boy(he calls me this since day one)for being gay because he was made by God and we fall in love with who you fall in love with no matter their sex or skin color I got a phone call from my Papaw and was speechless when he told me I will always have your back and love you always now fast forward again July 2020 me and my hubby separated when I told my Papaw he said boy keep your head up it’ll be okay you need a big old hug from your Papaw I have one waiting whenever you get to come home just remember I love you I’m here for you and you will find someone when time is right i just want to see him cause he accepts me for me I promised him I’ll try to get home some day for that hug Papaw cried said he hopes he can I’m worried I will not be able to get home and see him before he no longer remembers me or I lose one or both of grandparents I try to call him every week he gets so emotional it breaks my heart I am hoping I can see him through the help of your charity

Departing: Baltimore, MD

Arriving: San Francisco, CA

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