Brother and Sister Reunited One Last Time – 2022 Holiday Campaign Flight Story

Perth, ON to Vancouver, BC – 104,390 Aeroplan Points 

No matter how much time goes by, you always wants to be there for your sibling. For Joanne, she hadn’t seen her brother in over 30 years. When she learnt he was at end stage of dementia, she knew she wanted to be there for him. Unfortunately, they lived in different parts of the country and a plane ticket was out of reach for her.

Her brother’s social worker told Joanne about Give a Mile and helped her with her application.

Once the application was submitted and Joanne met the criteria, Give a Mile granted her a flight of compassion so she could visit her brother one final time.

She wrote: “I can’t thank you enough for considering my situation.”

Can you help reconnect more families like Joanne and her brother? Please donate today.

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