Family’s Final Goodbye – 2022 Holiday Campaign Flight Story

Edmonton, AB to Charlottetown, PEI – 185,454 Aeroplan Points

Distance separates families, but it shouldn’t be the reason to stop you from saying goodbye to your loved one. Unfortunately for Joseph and Sarah, distance separated them from an important family member – Joseph’s Mom/Sarah’s grandmother. Uncle and niece wanting to fly together, but unable to afford their own flights, they reached out to Give a Mile after hearing about the organization through the palliative nurse.

Joseph wrote: “My mom has been my rock and my biggest supporter my entire life, she was a single parent who made sure to never let me feel like we were struggling and worked so hard to give my sister and I everything and beyond. Even with our distance, she is my best friend. She loves everyone and everyone loves her.”

Sarah wrote: “My Grandmother has been in my life my entire life, she basically raised me. I want to say a proper goodbye to my gram before it is too late. She has been more of a mom to me then anything. I want to be able to make her wish come true. She will be truly blessed if she gets to see her only grand daughter before we say our goodbyes.”

After meeting the criteria, Give a Mile was able to grant both Joseph and Sarah flights of compassion to reunite with their mom/grandmother.

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