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Daughter longs to be with Dad as he battles lung cancer.

Victoria, BC to Calgary, AB – 27,500 miles required Jennifer* is a full-time student of Chinese Medicine studying thousands of miles from her family.  Her father, a Chinese immigrant who came to Canada nearly 40 years ago, has been a kind and patient person who Jennifer describes as her “greatest dream supporter.” In her own …

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Erica Lorenzo

My niece Soraya, 11 years old, who is at end of life care at Rotary Flames House Hospice in Calgary, Alberta. She has a rare terminal form of brain cancer and is followed by the Palliative care team. I am her favourite Aunt and she calls me her second mom. Departing: Manilla, Phillipines Arriving: Calgary, …

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Paolo Bonto / wife

Our income has drastically reduced since my husband is not able to work and receiving only CPP-Disability. I have to work two jobs to make ends meet. We are going to visit my mother-in-law, my husband’s siblings as well, I hope to see my own siblings if they are available. My Husband Paolo Bonto has …

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Donna Meng

My Father has been in long term care for approx 8 years, and before we moved here 3 1/2 years ago he was just down the street from where we lived so I had easy access to visit him on a very regular basis. He was given the option of moving here with us but …

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Michael Wasylyk

Michael is palliative, suffering from lung cancer. Mike wishes to fly to Saskatoon to see his family. He has been given 6 months to live and this is his wish! Departing: Calgary, AB Arriving: Saskatoon, SK

Kevin Dela Fuente

Nelia has 2 primary cancers, Breast Cancer and Colon Cancer with spread to her liver and lungs. Her Cancer is very advanced, she was never able to manage Chemo or any form of treatment and has had significant decline in the last month, prognosis is months.” As you know I’m terminally ill and my nephew …

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Valerie Roy

My husband was sent to the hospital in Prince George and was air ambulanced back to our home hospital in Fort St. John. Unfortunately I was not able to accompany him on the flight home. Departing: Prince George, BC Arriving: Vancouver, BC

Jacob Montgomery

Father is in at-home hospice. He’s in a near vegetative state with glimmers of life here and there, but he’s about to go. He isn’t eating and given morphine on a schedule. With my two jobs, I don’t make very much—just ends meet. I was out of work for nearly a month in October with …

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