Flight Stories

Travis Nicolaisen

My Grandma is sick, and her nurse told her about it. Recently diagnosed with Cancer, not sure how long she’s going to be with us. I live on the other side of the country and see my family once a year if I’m lucky Holiday time, flights are crazy expensive, just want to see grandma …

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Sylvia Salazar

I will be going to visit my mother who is in Hospice and on her last stages of Alzheimer’s. My mother is a very big part of my life and is a selfless person when it comes to her children. t working at the moment and have applied for Unemployment insurance. Departing: Chicago, IL Arriving: …

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Richard Zimmerli

I am asking assistance because I just don’t have the money I’m recently separated from my husband since and only have one income which most of it is used to pay my rent my Mom is on a fixed income and her only credit card is maxed out at $400 credit limit so unfortunately she cannot help …

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Rashwan and Quiros

Our youngest child, Emilia, is here in Erie with me (Maggie Quiros) now. She has had major medical complications and I’ve had to resign from my full-time job as physical therapist to care for her needs, so my husband is the sole provider for the family.   Hospice Nurse Julie is a long-time friend of mine from high school and …

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Michelle Burkes

My dad has end-stage Mesothelioma. I moved to Jacksonville about a year ago to take care of my mother-in-law who was on hospice care for End-stage endometrial cancer. At that time, we did not know of my dad’s condition. My stepmother has been trying to care for my dad on home hospice since July of this year. …

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Abdelwahhab and Ahmed

Visiting my mother.  She has B.Cell Lymphoma Stage 4. I have been going alone back and forth. I really want to bring my    family for the holidays but I can’t afford it. My  mother is all I have now, my father passed away 4 years ago. I live in California. She is my number one supporter. I myself have had  cancer and she …

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Michelle and Nora Schilhabel

My brother-in-law was diagnosed with GIST in 2015.  This summer he and my sister learned that his tumors were growing, and his body was no longer responding to the medication.  In October, he was in the ICU and admitted again within about 2 weeks time due to some sepsis issues caused by problems with his liver.  It …

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Deborah McKee

My Dad had a sudden heart attack last weekend and after his second surgery things are not looking so great. Parts of his heart has died, and they are not sure of his prognosis at this stage. The next few hours are critical.  My dad is the most amazing person in my life, surrounded by …

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Jolene Powell

My Dad had a heart attack in Cancun and is in ICU. I am a single full-time mother with a special needs son. I am working full time, but money is very tight now. This was unexpected and I need to be with my father.  Departing: Calgary, AB Arriving: Cancun, Mexico

Terminally ill with brain injury

Unable to afford flight.  I have always looked up to my brother Rick. He is the kindest person I know and a true Christian. He was a trucker and brought many smiles to people around the U.S. Departing: Portland, OR Arriving: Amarillo, TX

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