Time with Mom and Grandma

When Tracy wrote from Calgary to describe her mother-in-law Charlene, she talked about how important Grandma had been to their three boys, her boundless generosity towards others, and how much of an example of strength she had been for Tracy personally.

Volunteer Spotlight – Heidi Stobert

Heidi Stobert has been a Give A Mile volunteer since early 2016. These are some of the things she participates in: Communications strategist Social media creation Marketing contribution Regular participation at Give A Mile volunteer events

Volunteer Spotlight – Trevor Jones

Trevor Jones is one of Give A Mile’s active volunteers and influencers. He began working with Give A Mile in 2014, not long after it was founded. Trevor works on a number of GAM initiatives, including:

Make Hay While Sun Shines…

Traditionally Christmas is a time that people are mindful of their blessings and in a giving mood. At Give A Mile we set flight-raising and fundraising goals for our annual Christmas Campaign and we count on your generosity.