Sisters Reunited for a Final Goodbye

Chicago, IL to Seattle, WA – (52,900 United MileagePlus miles and $11.20 USD)

There is one call no one wants to ever receive, and the hurt of not being able to say goodbye in person takes over. Susan received a call saying her sister was only given days, at most a week to live. She didn’t want to live with the hurt of not being able to be reunited and say goodbye to her sister in person.

Living at different ends of the country, a ticket for a flight was out of reach for Susan. Struggling with how to reunite with her sister, she reached out to Give a Mile for help.

With the continued generous support of donors, Give a Mile was able to gift a flight to Susan so she could be reunited with her sister.

Looking to give back to an organization? Have unused Aeroplan or United MileagePlus Miles? Please consider donating today. All donations help us reunite families like Susan and her sister.

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