A Father’s Goodbye – Holiday Campaign 2022 Flight Story

Albania to Boston, MA – 94,850 Aeroplan Miles and $109.50

There is a special bond between fathers and their daughters. Their father is their hero and they are always his little princess. For Sander, he and his daughter have a close bond, even with living in different continents. Unfortunately, his daughter was diagnosed with stage 4 gastric cancer in 2021 and has spread throughout her body. Sander received the call that she doesn’t have much time left. 

He reached out to Give a Mile in hopes to be reunited with his daughter one final time and say goodbye to his little girl.

“It is her dying wish to hug me one last time.”

With the help of our amazing friends at Points, Sander was provided with a flight of compassion to hug his daughter one last time.

Can you help us reunite more families like Sander and his daughter? Please consider donating today.

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