Hug Him Tight – Lolita’s Flight Request For Holiday Campaign 2018

Lolita, 77, is the eldest sister in a large family in the Philippines. She has made a request for a flight of compassion to come to Canada for a final visit with her youngest brother Orlando.

He has been diagnosed with a terminal illness resulting in tremendous weight loss and unbearable pain, and given mere months to live. She knows he is unable to travel and knows Orlando will lose his battle soon, so Lolita has requested a chance to “see him, comfort him, hug him tight, and tell him I love him so much before he leaves to meet our Creator”.

Since the foundation of Give A Mile in late 2013 such stories have resulted in nearly 500 flights given enabling final memories to be made all over the world. Lolita’s request will require 90,000 loyalty points be converted to air miles from Aeroplan, Starwood, Marriott and Amex Rewards, and others. The Give A Mile 2018 Holiday Spirit of Giving Campaign has a goal of fulfilling 50 flights through donations of miles or money. Our Holiday Campaign Sponsor Flight Centre Canada will donate money and volunteer time, but we need your help.

Be a (super) hero! We are looking to add to our repeat and new list of personal and corporate Flight Heroes, aiming for 30 during the Oct – Dec Holiday Campaign. Get a group of friends together, make it a cause for an office party charity, it’s easy to get 25 contributors to collect 25,000 loyalty miles or money (eg. $40 will purchase approx. 1,000 air miles), or to do one corporate holiday donation toward a flight request. Lolita’s story would take 4 Flight Heroes to fulfill the required miles. See Flight Hero stories for helpful hints and support – and lead your own super group today!

Holiday gifts of your unused loyalty points, and monetary or time offerings are easily done through the Give A Mile website DONATE NOW page. These will help us make our target to raise funds and points for Lolita’s and 49 other flights of compassion during Holiday Campaign 2018. Fully 100% of funds and points are applied to flights of compassion and related taxes/fees for specific flight stories or in the general pool to be applied against any flight.

Find out more about the 2018 Holiday Campaign. Help more loved ones share holiday moments and create lasting memories through your generous giving. And follow Give A Mile on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube to see year ‘round events and celebrations.