Sisters reunited at hospice bedside

May 6, 2022 – Kelowna to Toronto (66,000 Aeroplan points & $400 CDN, Saskatoon to Toronto (52,000 Aeroplan points & $340 CDN)

Growing up in a family with seven siblings, there probably wasn’t a lot of alone time.  But now, well into adulthood, the family is scattered across the country and so when someone needs support, they try their best to be there. 

Sister Linda was in her early 50’s and dying of cervical cancer.  Her hospice worker in Ontario referred two of her siblings to Give A Mile in hopes that they could be brought to her bedside in time to say goodbye.  Give A Mile approved flights for sisters Lynn and Denise to travel from Kelowna and Saskatoon respectively.  In total, four of Linda’s five sisters were at her bedside for a few days of connection and conversation.  Within four days of their departure, Linda passed away. 

Give A Mile is thankful to the donors and volunteers who contribute to our mission so that we can continue to help families create moments and make memories that will live on.  Please help us by making a donation today

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