Siblings reunited for a final goodbye

May 13, 2022 — San Francisco to Chicago (60,000 United Mileage Plus Miles and $12 USD)

When Ronald’s mother Rose died of leukemia, his father used alcohol to cope and was unable to properly parent his three children. At age 16, Ronald was forced to quit school, get a job, help support the family, and help raise his two younger sisters. 

As the decades passed, Ronald and his sisters grew up and apart and now find themselves living on separate coasts of the country.  Ronald has been diagnosed with a terminal liver disease and is ineligible for a transplant.  He has only months left to live. 

Ronald’s only child, Paul, reached out to Give A Mile with a plea to reunite his dad with his sister Cynthia. 

“He deserves a dignified passing with his sisters with him in his final weeks or months, and I likewise need them. I’m doing everything by myself thus far and it has been physically and emotionally punishing,” said Paul.

Give A Mile has approved this Flight of Compassion for Cynthia to reconnect with the brother who meant so much to her.  Can you help us sponsor this flight by donating your miles and/or money?  Donate today

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