Siblings Unbreakable Bond

Fayetteville, NC to Palm Springs, CA – 101,000 Delta Miles & $11.20 USD

No matter the terms of your relationship, your sibling will always be your sibling. For Rebecca, her brother means the world to her, their bond could never be fully broken. When she received word that he was in serious danger from a brain bleed, and was told he may not be able to survive this, her heart broke. Rebecca knew she needed to be by his side, but financially it was impossible. After posting on TikTok, someone shared with her to apply to Give a Mile.

Rebecca wrote: “My brothers are so very important to me. We have been through some of the worst things together and have always had to be each others support systems… He has saved my life literally, carrying me over his shoulder away from very dangerous situations…He is probably one of the kindest souls you could ever meet we’ve always had a close relationship.”

After meeting the criteria, Give a Mile granted Rebecca a flight of compassion so she could be reunited with her brother and family during this difficult time.

She wrote back: “Oh my gosh. I am in happy thankful tears!! Thank you and the team SOOOOO much I can’t believe this I get to get to my brother thank you”

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