Roseanne says goodbye to her Cowboy Uncle

Flight story June 13th, 2023

Vancouver to Kamloops – 26,000 Aeroplan miles and $35.96

When Roseanne shared the story of her Uncle, Give A Mile was able to provide a flight so that she could honour his life and death.

Her Uncle was from the Secwepemc Nation and was a 6’2” bullrider cowboy, but sadly now at the end of his life with terminal lung cancer.

This was a man who had always made Roseanne feel safe and they texted daily until he became too weak to engage with her.  She wanted to see him one last time, so that they could feel each other’s presence and to bring them both peace.

Roseanne said:  “I am a niece looking to support my only Uncle on his journey home to the spirit world and getting this flight would mean the world to me”

Thanks to our generous donors we were able to reunite Roseanna and her Uncle for one final visit.

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