Miles separated him and his Dad. Miles also brought them together

May 18, 2022 – Tampa, Florida to Seattle, Washington 67,300 miles & $100

Living clear across the country makes it almost impossible to come home when you need to.  Unless you get help from Give A Mile. 

Bryan lives in Florida now and his Dad is in an assisted living facility in Washington State, battling terminal gall bladder cancer. Knowing that a parent has only limited time left, and knowing that you don’t have the finances to travel is anguish that Bryan was faced with everyday.  Until his dad’s social worker told him about Give A Mile during one of his regular phone check-ins.  He applied but had no real hope that he’d be approved.  He thought it seemed too good to be true.  Within days, Give A Mile’s Flight Review Committee had approved his flight request and booked him to spend a weekend with his dad. 

“It was a blessing just to see his face and talk about the old times,”said Bryan.  We talked about the big things but also just remembered stories, like when he purchased me a BMX bike that I saw in the window. It was the best Christmas present ever.”

Give A Mile was able to bring Bryan and his dad together thanks to people who generously donated the airline miles and money needed.  Can you help Give A Mile so we can connect other families with a gift of compassion? Donate.

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