Luis’ Journey Home to Columbia: A Tale of Courage And Love

Flight Story 1116

From Denver, Colorado to Cartegena, Columbia – 54,720 Scene+ Points

Luis, who has been diagnosed with a terminal illness, is now embarking on a significant journey back to his homeland, Colombia, with a heartfelt desire to reunite with his family. As his disease progresses and begins to limit his ability to move freely, Luis’s resolve only strengthens. Despite the hurdles that have halted his ability to work, his spirit remains resilient, powered by the love and cherished memories of his wife, children, and grandchildren in Cartagena.
Luis, originally an adventurer who left for North America in search of a better life, is now drawn back to the roots that he holds dear. His journey is more than a physical move across continents; it’s an emotional return to the embrace of his family and the place he calls home.
As he prepares to depart from Denver with the assistance of Give A Mile, Luis is filled with hope for creating lasting memories with his family building a legacy of unyielding courage. This opportunity, made possible by the generous donations of miles and funds from the community, is a poignant reminder of the deep-seated human desire for connection that endures through trials. The community’s support provides the means for Luis to achieve his wish. It is a beautiful expression of compassion as people unite to support one man’s heartfelt aspiration.

Every donation helps people reach their loved ones for one last hug, smile, and farewell.​

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