Father given last chance to heal relationships

May 12, 2022 —St. Louis – Las Vegas – St. Louis (97,500 United Miles & $16.80 USD)

We all know that families can be complicated.  But at Give A Mile, we also believe that everyone deserves a last chance to make things right. 

Harvey and his wife divorced when his three daughters were young and moved across the country where he started another family and eventually became estranged from all five of his children.  Over the years, Harvey’s health suffered due to complications from his lifelong battle with alcoholism, and he finds himself with less than six months to live.  In these final months, his children have chosen forgiveness and can’t bear the thought of him dying alone across the country. 

His daughters requested a flight from Give A Mile so their father can come to live among them in his final days.  They will care for him, introduce him to his grandkids, and great grandkids, and hopefully have the chance for those important discussions that will lead to healing for them and for future generations of their family. 

Give A Mile has granted Harvey and his daughter their flight request.  

Do you believe in the transformational power of a last chance?  If so, we’d appreciate your support of this flight and others in similar situations.  Please donate your unused airline miles or cash to help Give A Mile provide flights for people at end-of-life to connect with their loved ones for a final goodbye. 

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