Mom needs emergency flight to see dying 29-year-old son

May 6, 2022 — Regina, Saskatchewan to Nanaimo, BC (19,600 Aeroplan points & $125.00)

It’s the call that every parent dreads.  Sue’s 29-year-old son was dying in an ICU two provinces away. The hospital staff was telling her his life would be counted in hours and she should get to him as soon as possible to say goodbye. But for Sue, who works two part-time jobs to make ends meet, that trip seemed hopeless.

Thankfully, the hospital staff knew about Give A Mile because of a previous flight that had been provided to a patient.  The ICU nurses reached out to inquire on Sue’s behalf. Understanding the emergency nature of the situation, Give A Mile’s flight review volunteers, and volunteer flight booking agent took quick action to complete the application and review process and Sue had her ticket to fly in less than one hour from when the application was received.

Thanks to Give A Mile, Sue made it to her son in time to say goodbye.  Their final visit hopefully brought him a few final moments of comfort and love and made an unimaginably difficult situation for Sue, a little bit easier.

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