Brother Reunited with Sister

Calgary, AB to Ottawa, ON – 56,000 Aeroplan Points & $91.26 CAD

Distance can separate us from our loved ones, but our bonds are always there. For Todd, he is still very close with his sister even though they live provinces apart from one another. When he received word that his sister was given only two weeks to live from her cancer, he knew he needed to be there by her side. Unfortunately, the cost of a plane ticket was stopping him.

When he shared his story with one of his staff member’s, they mentioned he should apply to Give a Mile.

Todd wrote: “The last time I saw my baby sister was 11 years ago when I traveled for my parents’ anniversary. I took the greyhound bus from Calgary to Espinola where my family lived. This was actually the last time I saw my sister really happy, in-person…I just want really to see her in person again, one last time.”

After meeting Give a Mile’s criteria, Todd was granted a flight of compassion to fulfill his wish of seeing her one last time in person.

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