Family’s Final Goodbye

Charlottesville, VA to Los Angeles, CA – 100,000 United Miles & 22.40 USD As parents, we never think we will have to bury our kids as we grew up knowing it was their job to bury us. For Nancy, that is not the case for her. She received word that her youngest son was in …

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Brother Reunited with Sister

Calgary, AB to Ottawa, ON – 56,000 Aeroplan Points & $91.26 CAD Distance can separate us from our loved ones, but our bonds are always there. For Todd, he is still very close with his sister even though they live provinces apart from one another. When he received word that his sister was given only …

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Reuniting Mother and Son

Calgary, AB to Fredericton, NB – 446,074 Scene+ Points & $223.04 CAD No matter what we go through in life, our parents will always be there. For Jerry, he’d been through a lot and when he found his way back to the right path, his mother was there with open arms waiting for him. Before …

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Siblings Unbreakable Bond

Fayetteville, NC to Palm Springs, CA – 101,000 Delta Miles & $11.20 USD No matter the terms of your relationship, your sibling will always be your sibling. For Rebecca, her brother means the world to her, their bond could never be fully broken. When she received word that he was in serious danger from a …

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Daughter’s Final Goodbye

Vancouver, BC to Ottawa, ON – 64,000 Aeroplan Points & $67.46 No matter how far away we are from our parents, we always want to be able to say goodbye to them. For Brandy, when she received word her dad’s cancer was terminal, she knew she needed to be by his side. Unable to afford …

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Family’s Final Goodbye

Jacksonville, FL to Newark, NJ – 88,800 United Miles and $33.60 USD Our grandparents are often the rocks of our families, and at times, can even play a role in raising us. For Alex, his grandfather raised him and when he received word that his grandfather was in his final stages of Alzheimers, he knew …

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