Terminally ill with brain injury

Unable to afford flight.  I have always looked up to my brother Rick. He is the kindest person I know and a true Christian. He was a trucker and brought many smiles to people around the U.S. Departing: Portland, OR Arriving: Amarillo, TX

Dean Albrecht

I was approved for a flight, but friends insisted on having me flight away from others so I passed on the flight out so someone else could use the miles. I am so thankful. All things considered I have been quite fortunate. Like many, I have had some gnarly surgeries, and have sought other treatments and I seem to …

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Kyle Dodson and Kerry Myers

Our Sister and sister-in-law McKayla Dodson stroked out during childbirth and is not expected to recover. She is under hospice care as of right now. We are a family of 5 on a one income household. It is just not in our budget to go and spend the little time left with her. (FYI she is arranging child …

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Great Grand Daughter wanting to visit Great Grand Mother with ALS

She is mine great grandma and she raise me and my mom in whole life. She is full of love to all her grandchildren and her three sons. She always helps her grandkids whenever they need from her. She is very lovely, caring, supportive, and beautiful lady.  Departing: Rochester, NY Arriving: Tampa, FL  

John Carlos

John Carlo has not seen his mother, Cristina Santos, for a few years since she lives in Edmonton, Canada and he lives in the Philippines. With his mother’s diagnosis of breast cancer and metastases to her lung and liver she has extremely limited life expectancy. Now especially that brain metastases have been found there is …

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Eric Bruun – 25,000 Points

Eric Bruun – 25,000 Points Flight Hero Sponsor – Eric Bruun Eric Bruun has committed to helping Give A Mile raise at least 25,000 Points to support further flights of compassion. We are so thankful for all the miles donated and the help this provides us to award flights to people seeking hope, hugs, and …

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