The Win-Win Philosophy at Work

In the book Influencer: The New Science of Leading Change authored by Joseph Grenny, he discusses that there are more travel loyalty miles going unused on the planet than cash circulating in the U.S. economy right now.

Grenny also discusses the power of “reciprocity” or mutual benefit. These two points resonate strongly with Give A Mile, and in many ways are the core building blocks of our mission.

One of the fundamental philosophies of Give A Mile is the concept of creating win-win for all participants in our community/cause.  It is very important that all participants in our ecosystem are helped in some way.  We know the value of the flights of compassion for the recipients, and we know that the giving of miles for those flights are very transformational.  As the community of support grows we see other elements that can assist us to create success and continue to supply a win-win for all.

In that spirit we were delighted to be connected to Payroll by Credit Card. The example of win-win here is so powerful we were moved to act. Payroll by Credit Card was founded by serial entrepreneur John MacInnes in Calgary, Alberta.  The business model is built around enabling owners to put their payroll expense on their credit card to collect massive amounts of points on one of their largest company expenses, payroll.

Most business owners are looking for ways to get more value out of their companies and Payroll by Credit Card has a great way to help them. Imagine collecting reward points by charging payroll each month on a credit card? Now combine that with making social good happen by donating a percentage of the travel loyalty points to Give A Mile.  The business owner wins by creating miles to use within their own business, Give A Mile wins by making more flights happen, and Payroll by Credit Card wins by creating a multiplied value proposition; it’s an amazing win-win-win!

If you are a business owner interested in generating more loyalty miles for you company’s use and furthering the greater good, here’s how it works.  Please reach out to Payroll by Credit Card and further this initiative using the following contact info:

Payroll by Credit Card

Phone: 1.844.POINTS.NOW (764.6876)





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