Make Hay While Sun Shines…

Traditionally Christmas is a time that people are mindful of their blessings and in a giving mood. At Give A Mile we set flight-raising and fundraising goals for our annual Christmas Campaign and we count on your generosity.

Last year we set a modest goal of 25 important visits awarded over the holidays and using Flight Hero and Corporate Flight Hero we achieved 36 flights-raised. Along with 2 Million loyalty points donated it allowed us to award more amazing flights during 2016!

For this year Give A Mile set the Christmas Campaign goals a little higher:

-35 flights awarded (we have 4 given by mid-Oct)

-35 Flight Heros (we have 12 committed at mid-Oct)

-5 Million loyalty miles raised

Give A Mile is counting on people’s desire to help bring together loved ones in their greatest time of need, when dealing with a palliative illness. Our appeal is at a time when people are traditionally most generous, during the holiday season. In a sense we are looking to ‘make hay while the sun shines’.

Please see the Give A Mile Christmas Campaign video and allow people to have 35 directly-related gifts of Christmas Kindness together. Become a Flight Hero, or donate miles – 100% of which goes directly to Give A Mile flights, true for the 8.6 Million miles used for the 258 flights we have awarded in less than 3 years. Donate NOW and help to make holiday memories for others.