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Corporate Flight Hero

  1. Take on the challenge of becoming corporate flight heroes 
    a) Receive Give A Mile Flight Heroes welcome package
    b) Crowdfund as one team or several teams (competitions) 
    c) Choose flights – through Give A Mile or arms length employees
  2. Build out Flight Hero program within company  
    a) Create culture around raising miles
    b) Create competition if fulfilling multiple flights
    c) Reach out to friends, family, social media, coworkers for support
  3. Run an event or contest  
    a) Create a company event
    b) Create a competition event between teams
    c) Attend a GAM event for support raising
  4. Flight here updates internally and externally  
    a) Provide updates within your organization to maintain momentum: email, bulletin posts, etc
    b) Use social media and email to communicate externally to donors
    c) Improve brand recognition internally and externally
  5. Celebrate success!  
    a) Give A Mile partner celebration event
    b) Social impact report from Give A Mile – including stories and follow ups
    c) Logo/Brand recognition with Give A Mile: social media and Give A Mile website