Volunteer Spotlight – Trevor Jones

Trevor Jones is one of Give A Mile’s active volunteers and influencers. He began working with Give A Mile in 2014, not long after it was founded. Trevor works on a number of GAM initiatives, including:

  • Corporate donor development
  • Volunteer recruitment / coordination
  • Flight Hero follow up team

Regular Volunteer Contribution at GAM events

How did you get involved with Give A Mile?

I was looking for ways to give back to my community. I originally wanted to be a part of the Big Brother foundation, but through my cousin’s husband Phil Edgell, I was put in touch with Kevin Crowe at Give a Mile. I thought that I could help bring a younger influence to the GAM team, and I connected with some of the stories I discovered on the GAM website.

Why were you originally interested in GAM?

GAM was just a fresh start-up at the time I joined, which sparked my interest because I always wanted to be part of an up and coming non-profit so I could grow in unison with the team. It’s incredibly rewarding to watch this grow and expand, and it was that potential to have such a lasting impact that incited me to join.

The GAM team was also a big factor in my involvement. Kevin has such a great vision for this charity and I knew after meeting and talking with him that it was a perfect fit for me.

Finally, I have always enjoyed bringing people together. I have family and loved ones all across the country, and the feeling of having everyone come together is really special. Having the ability to raise miles and connect loved ones from around the world is truly an amazing feeling, and I’m happy to be a part of that.

What keeps you interested today?

GAM gives me the option to choose what initiatives I can focus on annually. I love having the flexibility to explore all areas of the charity to find what I connect with, and the variety of events and initiatives ensures that there’s always something exciting going on!

We have a goal of one billion miles – that’s a massive number, and I want to see that target hit!

Any advice for potential volunteers?

Don’t be shy – we are all friendly and people love hearing about the work we do! Don’t be afraid to ask questions and get tips from other volunteers – we are all working toward the same goal!