GAM Holiday Campaign 2020: For the Children!

This is the final month of the Give a Mile’s 2020 Holiday Giving Campaign which helps to provide flights of compassion throughout the year.

They say that Christmas is for children and certainly two recent flight stories had that focus. Two flights were for a couple, Li and Richard, who had been trying for a child for over five years. They had IVF treatment in Summer 2020 and joyfully became pregnant with twins. However in November one of the twins was struggling and they were told they had to get from their home in Vancouver to Toronto immediately, in order for a team of specialists to save the pregnancy. A flight was arranged, booked and boarded within hours.

The second flight story was in December when a 7-week old baby was transported by air ambulance again from Vancouver, for lifesaving heart surgery in Toronto. There was not room for the mother to fly with him so a Give A Mile flight was quickly arranged and the mother re-joined her baby. Yes, these holidays are for the kids!

Give A Mile’s title sponsor, Cask Global Canning Solutions, and other supporters like Pig & Duke, and ATCO Blue Flame Kitchen who have partnered for successful fundraising events this month, have us at or near most of our targets. Our campaign goal of 25 flights given is now at 19 awarded, fundraising target of $25,000 in Canada is now at $29,234 aided by Giving Tuesday, the aim of collecting 2 million donated travel miles is currently at 433,494, and we did get 25 Flight Heroes as planned. Give A Mile was featured in a New York Times article on Dec. 4, 2020 suggesting how people might use travel miles when not traveling during the pandemic. It has been a busy month!

Holiday gifts of your unused loyalty points (Aeroplan, Starwood, Marriott and Amex Rewards, etc.), and monetary or time offerings are easily done through the Give A Mile website DONATE NOW page. Fully 100% of funds and points are applied to flights of compassion and related taxes/fees for specific flight stories or in the general pool to be applied against any flight.

Find out more about the 2020 Holiday Campaign. Help more loved ones share holiday moments and create lasting memories through your generous giving. And follow Give A Mile on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube to see year ‘round events and celebrations.