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Give A Mile’s mission: Providing flights for people to be with a loved one who is at end of life. Since 2013, we have provided over 800 flights – delivered by a driven and passionate group of volunteers. Our dreams are much bigger! We are looking for the right leader that can help us to scale and grow Give a Mile, so that we can provide even more flights. We are looking for a person with passion, an entrepreneurial spirit and someone with the desire and experience to help us continue to build an organization that is making an incredible impact with families dealing with end of life.

Reporting to the Board of Directors, the Executive Director (ED) will provide overall leadership to Give A Mile and will be responsible for providing direct oversight and management of all program and operational areas. The ED will execute operating strategies and plans, manage administrative staff, and establish relationships with donors, partners, sponsors and supporters.

The scope of responsibility also includes marketing / advertising management, fundraising planning and execution, external and community relations, volunteer management, and the overall operational, financial, and administrative management of the organization. The ED will develop relationships and partnership agreements with donors, sponsors, partners and community organizations to advance the organization’s mission, fundraising activities, and collaborative partnerships.

The ED will work closely with the Board to ensure strong fiscal health and effective governance. The ED will be a relationship builder who maintains a high professional profile and is able to raise financial resources personally while educating, engaging, and energizing the Board of Directors in their role as fundraisers, policymakers, and community ambassadors.

The ED will be the organization’s spokesperson, with the mission, vision, and values as a guide in representing it to many constituencies, both internal and external, throughout the community. In partnership with Board, the ED will guide the growth, public image and increased brand awareness of Give A Mile.


The selected individual will have a well-rounded set of competencies that sets him or her apart from others, including the following:

• Results-oriented leader with the ability to set, pursue, and reach goals with a can-do attitude.

• Understanding of management and operations, marketing, institutional image building, and external relations, and have the presence and capacity to move initiatives forward in each of these areas.

• Demonstrated success in fund development and securing contributed revenue from multiple sources while also maximizing earned revenue opportunities.

• Strong background and experience in planning and executing marketing strategies and programs.

• Ability to give direction and guidance, have the self-assurance and confidence to enforce rules and regulations, but be flexible in order to preserve a positive community brand image and stakeholder satisfaction.

• Proficiency with standard computer programs and electronic communication tools.

• Experience in non-profit management.

• Superior interpersonal skills, as well as exceptional writing skills, with the ability to interact effectively with Board, staff, partners, donors, sponsors, volunteers, and the community in a positive and cooperative manner.

• Excellent knowledge of fiscal management is critical

• The model of integrity, fairness with the highest ethical standards

• Ingenuity, dedication, enthusiasm, humor, and energy are also key attributes


Marketing and Public Relations (approximately 30% of responsibilities)

Oversee all marketing and public relations activities for the organization:

• Develop plans to grow the audience through the identification of target customers and implementation of marketing / PR programs.

• Communicate the work and mission of the organization to the public through the media and at public speaking engagements and through all necessary media, as needed.

• Act as spokesperson for the organization with community, healthcare professionals, businesses, foundations, government agencies, and other stakeholders including not-for-profit and corporate entities.

• Guide the increased brand awareness and impact of the organization, clearly articulating its mission, vision, programs and strategic direction to the public.

• Cultivate good relations with media.

Fundraising and Development (approximately 30% of responsibilities)

Guide the creation of a comprehensive fund development program, develop comprehensive plans that maximize contributed income, and assume a leading and active role in fund-raising in consultation and cooperation with the Board.

• Take a direct leadership role in the organization’s development programs, including its annual fund-raising efforts, endowment, capital, and planned giving

• Identify appropriate funding opportunities from individuals, foundations, corporations, and government agencies with the Board of Directors.

• Partner with the Board of Directors, and volunteers in development activities, effectively cultivating, soliciting, and maintaining strong relationships with individual, corporate, foundation, and government donors and sponsors.

• Coordinate with all c municipal, and regional governments and foundation agencies on grants and funding programs.

• Strategize and execute the most effective donor stewardship methods with the Board and staff

Financial Management (approximately 15% of responsibilities)

Develop, monitor, and maintain fiscal responsibility for the organization’s overall budget, and ensure the most effective use of financial resources.

• Oversee management of cash flow and present appropriate balance sheets, income statements, and other financial oversight tools to the Board on a regular and timely basis.

• Develop an annual budget and business plan for presentation to the Board.

• Ensure financial controls are in place to maintain oversight and ethical use of funds.

• Provide oversight and supervision of bookkeeping and accounting in accordance with accepted accounting principles for non-profits.

• Work with legal counsel, when needed and appropriate, in representing and negotiating contractual matters.

Management and Operations (approximately 15% of responsibilities) 

Direct and manage all aspects of the organization’s operations, office and administration.

• Implement and monitor a long-term strategic and short-term operating plan in coordination with the Board of Directors, and staff, and assume responsibility for its implementation, reporting progress towards goals regularly.

• Oversee all day-to-day operations to ensure that donors, supporters, flight recipients and other community members have a first-class experience any time they interact with the organization’s staff and members.

• Ensure that the organization is effectively structured and staffed with competent persons whether they are paid or volunteer. Interview, hire, train, and mentor staff and volunteers, assign work, and provide job performances on a regular basis and as requested by the board of directors.

• Plan and execute events and activities, which include programming, celebrations, special fund raising, and other events as may be needed.

• Supports the effective mobilization and utilization of volunteers in support of the organization’s plans and programs.

• Maintain the organization with the highest ethical standards, ensuring that all correct business policies and practices are within the full extent of the law.

Governance (approximately 10% of responsibilities)

Provide support to best utilize the talents and resources of the Board, stimulate involvement, recruit new members, and work closely with the Board to ensure strong leadership infrastructure to maintain long-term organization success.

• Initiate and maintain effective communications with the Board President, Board of Directors, staff, and volunteers.

• Provide concise, relevant, and timely information to the Board so that it can fulfill its policy and decision making responsibilities.

• Actively assist in Board prospect identification, cultivation, and recruitment with the goal of developing Board members whose skills, experience, financial connections, diversity, and capacity meet the needs of the organization.

• Assist Board committees developing and implementing their goals and objectives and identify appropriate board liaisons to work closely with committees.

• Celebrate the successes of individual Board members and the Board as a whole in recognizing their contribution of time and resources as ambassadors for the organization.


Qualified applicants must have a bachelor’s degree (or equivalent experience) and a minimum of 3 years of related management experience, and a successful track record in best practices in the non-profit field with an emphasis on marketing and fundraising skills.


Email a resume, statement describing why you should be selected for this position (no more than 300 words), and any other supporting documents to [email protected]

We are accepting resumes until the position is filled.

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