My Grandma is sick, and her nurse told her about it.

Recently diagnosed with Cancer, not sure how long she’s going to be with us. I live on the other side of the country and see my family once a year if I’m lucky

Holiday time, flights are crazy expensive, just want to see grandma one more time.

She’s my Grandma Rovang. Grumpy Grandma, she used to make me call her that when I was younger because I had trouble pronouncing my “G-R”s. Grrrrrrrrumpy Grrrrrrrrandma.
Like I said before, I live across the country from all my family, I see some of them once a year if I’m lucky. We just recently discovered that my grandma has cancer and not exactly sure how long she will be with us.

Departing: Ottawa, ON

Arriving: Edmonton, AB

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