Next Up… Give A Mile’s 200th Flight!

Times are tough in many parts of Canada and the world. So here is a success story that is on-going in spite of an economic downturn. Give A Mile (GAM) is about to award it’s 200th flight of compassion in just over two years since foundation!

Quite a milestone, achieved with 100% volunteers who contribute in many ways. That’s 200 families who got to share hugs, smiles and laughs with critical/terminal loved ones; memories that may not have otherwise been created without GAM donors giving their unused loyalty points.

Good news comes in many forms.  For example, in November and December 2015 Give A Mile ran a Christmas Campaign looking for Flight Heroes (people who gather 25 friends and collect 25,000 points in 25 days). We aimed for 25.. and we got 28 successful Flight Heroes!  Following is a sample of some feedback, this through a palliative care provider, that comes as a result of these flights:

“Just writing on my patient’s behalf as per his request. He wanted to let you know that he is beyond happy for the opportunity you gave him and his family by approving his daughter and the partner to fly home! He made sure that I absolutely needed to thank you on their behalf!!  Thanks again!!!!!  Such a pleasure to be a witness in these reunions!!!!! Wonderful!!!”

In 2016 Give A Mile has more aggressive targets, a goal to do 120 flights of compassion, raise 5 Million additional miles/loyalty points, and add some cash/Bitcoin to cover flight taxes and fees, or transit to final destinations. GAM will run golf and family/children’s events, another ‘Casks for the Cause’ and Christmas Campaign, and get the story out there so more families can share the love when they need it most. If you can give, please Donate Now and help to spread the word on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

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