Son Reunited with Father One Final Time – 2022 Holiday Campaign Flight Story

Toronto, ON to Calgary, AB – 30,475 Aeroplan Miles and $23.73 CAD

No matter the distance, we always want to be there for our parents like they were for us. For Joshua, living 3800 km away from his father hasn’t been easy. When he received word that his father’s cancer was terminal and requested his oldest to be there by his side, Joshua knew he had to fulfill his final wish. Being a single dad, finances were tight for him, his father’s doctor suggested to Joshua’s sister he apply to Give a Mile.

Joshua wrote: “When I was young we enjoyed we enjoyed Edmonton Oilers Hockey. I can remember when I was 10 years old living in Fort McMurray Alberta. Dad took me to Edmonton to see a doc. He ended up taking us to see Wayne Gretzky and the oilers play hockey. He bought us both oilers jerseys…When he got sick he sent me those two jerseys. Mine from when I was 10 and his he had all rose year’s. I could not and still to this day can’t believe he kept them…A cherished memory hanging in my room. Kept for life.”

With the help of our donors, Give a Mile was able to grant Joshua with a flight of compassion so he can fulfill his father’s final wish.

Joshua wrote after he heard his flight was approved: “Thank you thank you thank you.  I am very grateful for this opportunity. I appreciate that there is programs like this.”

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