Sister’s Reunited

Philippines to Calgary, AB – 247,626 Scene+ Points

When you and your sibling live on different continents in the world, you would do anything to be by their side. For Evangelive, when she heard word that her sister’s cancer was palliative, she knew she had to get there. Unfortunately, it was not only the ocean separating the sisters, but also the cost of a flight ticket.

Her sister’s Palliative Care Social Worker put in an application to request a flight for Evangelive. 

Her sister wrote: “My sister is my only sister and really wants to be here with me during this challenging time. I am single and have no other support currently and feel lonely and vulnerable while going for treatment. I have surgery in march and require assistance afterwards and she wants to be here to support me.”

After meeting the criteria, Give A Mile was able to grant Evangelive a flight of compassion thanks to our incredible donors.

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