Granddaughter and Grandmother Reunited One Final Time

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When we start reconnecting with a loved one, we always hope for more time with them. Unfortunately, Britney has only met her grandmother once before she was told her grandmother has taken a turn for the worse. Wanting to see her one final time to tell her how much she loves her, the cost of a plane ticket stood between Britney and her grandmother.

After hearing about Give A Mile through her grandmother’s hospice, Britney and her boyfriend applied.

Britney wrote: “I have only just reconnected with my Grandmother after 17 years of not being able to talk to her or see her. She has missed out on my whole life. And I don’t want to miss out on the final stretch of her life.”

Octavious wrote: “She is a wonderful woman and she immediately considered me part of the family when she met me. It is hard when you see someone going through something like this. She was so hoping to be there for our wedding and I know that it hurts my girlfriend deeply to know that it will never happen.”

After meeting the criteria, Give A Mile granted both of them flights of compassion thanks to our generous supporters.

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